About Our Firm

Chamley Financial is a professional firm designed to assist clients in protecting their assets and standard of living. We specialize in retirement planning, long term care, income enhancement and unique solutions to problems pertaining to our client's financial affairs.

Chamley Financial is able to offer clients a full spectrum of retirement planning programs. We offer programs for companies ranging in size from the sole proprietor to those with 5,000 employees. We clearly demonstrate our value to our clients by offering features and/or benefits they would most likely not be able to get on their own. For example, our 401(k) programs have reduced administrative costs, and, in some cases, have no administrative costs, whatsoever. We have reduced or eliminated asset management fees. And we have reduced or eliminated start up costs. This is extremely valuable for smaller companies; because of this retirement plan, they are now in a position to compete with other companies in hiring and retaining employees-and do this without sacrificing quality or service.